Questing in Eligium offers player Experience points needed to increase level besides grinding mobs. There are various quest such as Plot Quest, Side Quest and Daily Quest. Players are supported by Quest Tracker help keep track of their quest information.


Quest - Plot
Plot Quest is available to player as they advance their level and it tells stories behind world of Eligium. While the prelude mostly serve as tutorial, it also important as completing it unlock certain features of Eligium. NPC that provides Plot quest are marked with Red exclamation above their head.



Quest - Side
Various types side quest in Eligium ensure there is no shortage of interesting ways to gain level. Most of it reveal stories of certain area and NPC within the area. Besides Experience points, player can gain rewards like Gold, Prestige and Knowledge. NPC that provides Side quest are marked with Yellow exclamation above their head.



Quest - Daily
Daily quest provides some extra boost for players in case they finished their current level available quests. While there are a lot daily quest available, it is limited per day player can take. Players may retake or repeat the quest after next day. NPC that provides Daily quest are marked with Blue exclamation above their head.



Quest - Tracker
Player can access Quest interface via “Q” hotkey.

The Quest Tracker is located on right side of the screen, helps players navigate during questing. Clicking on the NPC names will direct a auto path to it unless it can’t be found on the world map such as dungeons. Quest tracker can track up to 5 quest at the same time.